Fanfictions are, as the name implies, fiction written by fans. All credit goes to the original author(s), who, in the ase on this wiki, is Cassandra Clare.

Fanfictions may not contain:

  • Extreme blood and gore
  • Extreme sexual content
  • Extreme profanity

Unless rated as such and with a warning to the possible younger readers.

As in the stories, there is some moderate/mild blood and gore, sexual content, and profanity, which you are allowed to include in your fanfiction without a rating.


  • Satires and allegories must be rated as such


Songfics are fanfictions that are written to the lyrics of a song. Credit for the lyrics goes to the original author (OA) of the song.

Songfics may not contain

  • Extreme blood and gore
  • Extreme sexual content
  • Extreme profanity
  • Satircal and allegorical meanings

Unless rated as such with a warning to possible younger readers.


Remember, each user contributes to the wiki, and each user has a right to be here. 'Anyone can edit' remember? However, there are some things that you can NOT do to other users, and they are as follows.

You may not:

  • Swear AT another user
  • Flame another user
  • Troll another user's pages (talk, profile, content, etc.)
  • Spam another user's pages (talk, profile, content, etc.)

If you are discovered doing any of the above, you will be banned.


Signatures can be personalized to any extent - but they may NOT contain any of the following

  • Swear words
  • Abusive language
  • Satirical information
  • Sexual conent
  • Suggestive humor

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